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A Studio Dedicates to Web Production 一个致力于网页产品的工作室

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Heaven House™ // 天府私厨™

Heaven House™ provides a kind of service that can let Chinese overseas students taste Chinese traditional dishes and teach them how to do it in both onsite Services and online lessons,we also do delivering with most thoughtful services. In addition, local people can eat Chinese traditional dishes at a lower prices. // 天府私厨™ 旨在让远在异国他乡的中国留学生们品尝到家乡的味道,顾客可以通过上门服务和网上授课的方式自己学做菜,我们也提供外卖服务。并且,本地居民也可以以较为低廉的价格吃到中国菜。

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My Exams

A query system is designed for maple leaf Exam examination. The project started in June 2017. It was developed by Cloudy Young and was commissioned under Meonc Studio. Since the launch, it has been responsible for the 2016~2017 school year's next semester's final examination and the 2017~2018 school year's mid-term examination, which has been facilitated hundreds of maple leaf students in the Wuhan campus. // 一个专为枫叶Exam类考试设计的查询系统,项目起始于2017年6月,由校内学生Cloudy Young开发并于Meonc Studio名下负责托管。从上线起已在武汉校区内负责了2016~2017学年下学期期末考试和2017~2018学年上学期期中考试查询,已为数百名枫叶学生提供便利。

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Star Atlas // 星图

Star Atlas is a group of people with different talents who gather together to pursue the same goal, we hope to come up with our own idea about science while analyzing it through literary, scientific and graphic interpretation. // 星图是由一群有着不同兴趣爱好的学生组成的团队,在这个团队里,大家以文学、科学、美术多种方式表达着的大家共同的目标爱好。用多元的角度诠释着科学。

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WMLIS - Model UN // 武汉枫叶模拟联合国

Wuhan Maple Leaf International School - Model United Nations // 武汉枫叶国际学校 - 加方模拟联合国

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Starry // 星空夏

2018 wuhan maple leaf international school "Starry" themed senior PROM user system, including ticket purchase, online payment, virtual ticket and stage voting system. // 2018武汉枫叶国际学校"星空夏"主题毕业舞会用户系统, 包括购票, 在线支付, 虚拟门票以及舞台投票系统.

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Bunny House - Carrot Tap // Bunny House - 萝卜Tap

The first HTML5 game made by Cloudy Young, to his Anny.❤ // Cloudy Young制作的第一个HTML5游戏,至他最爱的兔子。❤

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About studio // 关于工作室

Instant Response // 及时响应

The response speed is rapid with high efficiency. // 响应速度迅速,完成效率高。

Lightweight Development // 轻量级开发

Light like a feather, Heavy as Led. // 轻如鸿毛,实如指引。

Best Staffing // 最佳人员配置

Strong staff ability and high professional achievement. // 成员能力强,专业成绩高。

* AP Computer Science 85%+

Global Access // 全球访问

Wherever you are, the access is still as good as it always be. // 无论身处何处,良好访问依旧。

* There may be a difference between domestic and foreign access. // * 国内访问与国外访问可能存在差异。

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